24 février 2007

GLPKSharp 0.2, C# binding for GLPK

24/02/2007 Download GlpkSharp0.2.zip (source code + binaries with glpk4.15 statically linked compiled with VS2005).
Very few things changed in the code.

As usual, I will be pleased to get your feedbacks.

13 février 2007

GLPKSharp, C# binding for GLPK

This is a C# (CSharp) binding for GLPK coded in C++/CLI with Visual studio 2005.
This is really a first draft but it contains most of the API functions and is fully useable.

13/02/2007 Download glpksharp0.1.zip (source code + binaries with glpk 4.13 statically linked)

I will be happy to get some feedbacks.