14 mai 2007

GlpkSharp 0.3

Here is GlpkSharp 0.3 with GLPK 4.16 statically linked.

Download the whole package with source code.

Announcement on the glpk mailling list.

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Anonymous Anonyme a dit...

Thanks for your work!

Do you have any plans to make an update of the "wrapper" to the current version om GLPK.


02 novembre, 2008 15:26  
Anonymous Anonyme a dit...

yes, as soon as i have some time...during "Noël" holidays maybe.
I also plan to transfer the blog to


Also, note that I have developed an algebraic modelling language directly integrated in C# called FlopC# inspired by COIN's FlopC++.

I am also working on GMPL Studio which will be similar to Ilog OPL Studio, i.e. an editor for the Gnu MathProg algebraic language, written in C#, it will allow to debug the model and to compile it to pure C# to be embedded into programs.
I also plan some extension to embed directly in the language some C# snippets.

For the moment, I have written the grammar with ANTLR and it works fine...

16 décembre, 2008 01:16  

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